September 17, 2022

Achieve Smooth and Seamless operations of Inland Container Depot

Inland Container Depots (ICDs), are dry ports that are located in the hinterland for handling the cargo movement of bulk, break bulk, and containers to and from the port to the end points/customers. The ICDs are majorly located near large industrial areas and export processing zones who are the major contributors to export & import.

The logistics of transportation are majorly carried through rail, dedicated freight trains, or road transportation. The operator ICD/CFS (container Freight Stations) is a custodian. The multiple stakeholders like freight forwarders and clearing house agents conduct the transactions on behalf of importers & exporters.

The ICDs have bulk storage bonded and non-bonded warehouses where regulatory agencies like customs and others provide documentation clearance. This facilitates the customers to export and import from their facilities at doorsteps which are far away from ports. ICDs can indirectly help the ports to streamline the consignments and decongest the port area.

Shipping liners take advantage of the facilities to store the empty containers, carryout repairs and make the containers available to the customers.

The major functions are gate operations, yard operations, warehouse activities, stuffing, de-stuffing, billing and transportation. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) payment gateways are mandatory for payments and reconciliation. Integration with Government regulations like ICEGATE, NLP, and ULIP facilitates monitoring the transaction and volumes.

ICDs can contribute to the national ex-chequer by providing seamless logistic connectivity between the port and industrial towns and to an international border for smooth logistic movement in a secure way. This indirectly helps the nation to build infrastructures like highspeed roads, rail connectivity, and faster mode of transportation for a rapid movement of Cargo.

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