May 7, 2022

Pilot operations

The vessel moving with self-propulsion disturbs the subsea surface disturbs the channel depths which are dredged continuously.  Cargo vessel with an average mass of above200 Metric tons even with less velocity hitting the berth will severely damage the civil structure

Of course, this never happens. Cargo vessels are not allowed to berth themselves because of several safety reasons. All vessels shut down their engines at anchorage points. It isthose small tugboats that pull the vessel at a slow phase in the invisible channel towards the berth safely which is called pilot operations.

Pilot operations, One of the major and crucial parts of marine operations. Need to understand what pilot operations are and how it is adding value to the Marine Industry. What is the importance of these operations?

A pilot is a mariner who maneuvers ships through dangerous or congested waters, such as harbors or river mouths. They are navigational experts possessing knowledge of the waterway, licensed, or authorized by a recognized pilotage authority.


When a ship needs to enter or leave a harbors/Port, marine pilots are sent aboard via a small pilot boat to safely navigate the vessel through the local waterway sand berth the ship at the allotted berth/Jetty. This operation is known as pilotage.

Unlike the captain and crew members who travel onboard the ship, marine pilots are usually stationed at the ports. While due to the nature of the work, many pilots have previously worked as ship officers or masters

Why is it needed in port operations?

Pilotage is the starting for the port operations once the ship arrived at the port limits the Pilot helps to dock or anchor in the designated anchorage and provides safe passage when the ship arrives & departs.

 How important pilot operations are?

Most ports in the world require pilotage. Marine pilots are responsible for the safety of the vessel which they are navigating, & also with the protection of the local waterways, harbors, ports, the environment, life, and property, including effects that ships transiting a harbor may have on other ships moored at the docks and any impact on port facilities.

How pilot operations add value to port and terminal operations

Efficient pilotage will give you the below benefits

·  Increase efficiency in Berthing & Unberthing Operations

·  Decrease Turn Around Time

·  Decreases the accident rate in port limits

·  Increases the vessel productive time in port

·  Better Vessel traffic management

How Envisions Port & Logistic Solution - iPortman Marine & Harbor management solution helps Port Authorities?

Best of the breed solution with best practices and Operations management offers the following benefits:

·  Better utilization of berths with planning engine.

·  Improved pilot operations with the real-time data recording.

·  Provides accurate data for decision-making & resource planning

·  Record the delays in operations and helps management with financial decisions.

·  Accurate automated billing from events and services.

·  Seamless integration to PIMS, POS, TOS and PCS systems.

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