July 15, 2022

Fix the struggle with aging assets and a transitioning workforce in E & U (Energy and Utility) organizations

For any Nation to progress, energy is a vital parameter for the advancement of economy. The demand for energy is on the rise, as more and more industries and services consume deliverables. To meet the demand for energy, multiple sources of generations have been promoted such as, Nuclear, Coal Gas, Hydro, and Renewable Energy.


The Government discouraged the usage of Nuclear and Coal as it was contributing to the global warming and ecological imbalance. Renewable sources and Gas are the most favorable sources because of the abundant supply.


To meet/optimize the cost of power generation CGMP (common good maintenance practices) had been formulated to avoid outages and reduce the Asset Life Cycle condition, predictive and prescriptive maintenance is the current practice which is helping to generate units for effective energy production and distribution. Advanced tools like Material planning, labor utilization, and prescriptive maintenance are adopted for JIT (Just In Time).


IBM Maximo is an Enterprise Asset Management solution (EAM) that classifies the plant assets, creates SOPs, and adheres to above said good Maintenance practices for optimizing the resources and effective utilization. Thereby reducing the average cost of production and being profitable to stakeholders.


For energy and utility companies, it can be used to manage the full life cycle of assets such as power generation or water purification plants, office buildings, energy or water delivery infrastructure, transportation fleets,  IT equipment and networks. It also supports the inventory, supply chain, and human resources processes associated with the maintainance of these assets.

With Maximo for Utilities, you can:

• Improve productivity with Compatible Unit Estimating (CUE)and a multilevel compatible unit library.

• Manage crew type and crew makeup with enhanced crew management while tracking labor skills and certifications.

• Support smart meter or revenue meter asset management lifecycle.

• Integrate with fixed-asset accounting, mobile workforce management, and design tools based on service-oriented architecture.

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