October 6, 2015

IOT on Steroids-Rapid Evolution & Quickest ROI

Internet of Things is the new wave of technology innovation after Cloud and Big Data. There is a sea change in last few years with more proven products, platforms and devices.  If we classify things on Internet or Internet of Things comes in the three categories.

FIRST: Personal things, Things like health monitors, wearable devices, health care and human condition monitoring for personal health improvements.

Second: Things around us to improve quality of life and convenience like Things around smart home, transportation, retail, smart cities helps people to accomplish more for less effort.

Third: Things around systems, plants, production facilities manufacture goods and products consumed or used by us. This is the biggest pie of IOT with applications like smart manufacturing of process, engineering and production lines, Utilities Management systems, MES, Manufacturing Intelligence and discrete systems integration.

While the first two help people at personal level, the third category, called as Industrial Internet by GE is going to be a game changer for Smart manufacturing. This segment is on steroids with a rapid evolution and application of technology changing the face of long stagnated industrial automation landscape.

Sensor integration, open protocols with Big data and Predictive Modelling offering unexpected actionable information for Improvements of Process, Production, Costs, Utilities, maintenance, reliability and quality improvement.

Some of Envision’s iARMS Implementations in Power Generation, Cement, Steel and Oil and Gas in Energy Management, Utilities Management and integrated systems helping, customers to leverage the power of actionable information which they never thought of. Some of these customers realized their investment in less than few months, the quickest in ROI.

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