November 24, 2017

What degrades your Maximo performance

Maximo is known for its flexibility and great industry specific functionality, thereby giving you an  edge over the other products available in the EAM vertical. But, it also brings with it the complexity of managing the environment where application performance is important for the business.

Being a 30 year old product with several large enterprise customers, some of the customer’s production databases would have gone beyond the acceptable database sizes for optimum performance. Historical data of asset performance, maintenance history, failure data is very critical for decision making, hence most of the business users would like to retain their historical data for as long as possible.

Apart from large database sizes, some of the bellow elements play a significant role in  performance degradation:

  • Lots of historical data in the database
  • Long running database queries
  • Reports that take a long time for execution
  • Database deadlocks
  • Pending Database statistics for longer duration
  • Unoptimized Table indexes to enable faster SQL execution.
  • Cron tasks and escalations that consume system resources
  • Database statistics updated to optimize database queries
  • Inappropriate logging levels for applications
  • Inadequate JVM parameters
  • JVM clusters and sizing
  • Bad logic in custom java code
  • Network bandwidth and latency
  • Synchronous interfaces with external systems

Lot of the above factors can be avoided by using a proper performance tuning as per IBM recommendation. You can find a link here . However, you need a smart Archival Solution that can archive the data on the fly to a secondary storage device and retrieve the same on demand. You should not rely on your production database for your historical reporting needs.

The Archival Solution should not only archive the records, but it should also serve as a reporting database which can reduce the load on your production database. MaxArc archiving solution from Envision, is an ideal archiving solution for Maximo that will help meet all these requirements. This is an add-on to Maximo and it can help to achieve all your archival needs.

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