May 27, 2010


Radio Frequency ID (RFID) most talked and least deployed technology for the past decade. There were lot of expectations in the initial days ended up competing with most proved identity solution i,e Barcode. Cost of Tags and readers, loosely held echo system, proprietary solutions of various vendors within the Open standards further limited the deployment, resulted in to high cost solution.

Advent of low cost GPRS modems, GPS sensors and ability to integrate with other sensors like Temperature, Vibration, and Pressure is opening up a new dimension in RFID based to solutions. With the Innovative solutions, low cost of production may open up the new paradigm for RFID as not just identity but towards Hybrid applications with other applications.

Some of the emerging areas where these hybrid applications are Real time location within closed environments where GPS/GPRS application or not relevant, Automated smarter warehouse which can optimize the Rack space of the Large ware houses, Surveillance in security and access control applications, Industry solutions for Shipping, Sea Ports, Yards and Supply chain and logistics.

It is time to see how this Technology evolves to new paradigm, helping industry to reap benefits.

Filed under: Emerging Technology, Enterprise, Identity, RFID

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