March 26, 2022

Make Berth Planning less stressful with Intelligent automated Berth Planning Solutions from Envision!

Before delving into automated berth planning and optimization, it is essential to understand what is berth planning and the parameters to be considered for berth planning.

For higher throughputs and faster turnaround time, berth planning is one of the most important aspects of Seaport operations. A berth is a designated area for a vessel to be anchored for loading and unloading. A vital aspect of berth planning is the assignment of berth to vessels based on the below parameters:

• Vessel Type and Size

• LOA (Length Overall of the vessel)

• Cargo Type: bulk cargo, breakbulk, liquid cargo, containers, Ro-Ro Cruise and livestock, iron ore etc.

• Estimated time required for completion of Loading and unloading of the Cargo

• The arrival of the vessel to a specific Terminal

• An operator operating a specific berth

• Draft at the respective berth

• Impact of Tide on Channel and Draft at Berth

• Mechanization at the respective berth for Cargo operations

•Does the respective Vessel/Agent/Importer have any special contract with preferences?

• Is Double banking is allowed?

• Does it require a lighterage operation before berthing?

• Can an existing berthed vessel be shifted to an alternative berth?

• Voyage details

It is also important to consider the priority of vessels based on berth policies. Policies for the priority of vessels vary from one port to another. For instance, some ports consider vessels that seek emergency attention as a priority whereas other ports consider diversification of vessels into categories (passenger vessels, coastal vessels, crude oil vessels) as their priority.

The time to digitize and innovate is here!

In a post-Covid world, with e-commerce on the rise, pressure on marine logistics is unprecedented and e-commerce marine logistics and ports are under tremendous stress. By digitizing operations, it is possible to capitalize on the rising requirements by using AI-ML based algorithms to reduce complexities and bring out hidden resources.

Understanding the hardships in Berth planning and allocation, Envision enhanced its Marine and Harbor Management Solutions by introducing iPortman: an automated berth planning mechanism.

iPortman marine module is designed to consider all parameters and requirements of berth planning. This solution caters to business requirements and eases business processes with its user-friendly interface.

iPortman Marine and Harbor Management solutions provide flexible, configurable, automated berth planning allocations. This technology helps large and small ports scale up their operation with higher utilization of berths and reduce vessel dwell time at the port. Envision's fully integrated mobile solution, iPortman plans, schedules, assign pilots and completes pilot operations.

The iPortman mechanism prescribes the best alternatives for berth planning by:

• Assessing available berths

• Vessels at the anchorage

• Operations at the berth

• Expected completion times and

• The arrival of vessels in the upcoming days

iPortman's wonders doesn’t stop with planning and optimization! With a comprehensive, ultra flexible configurable system, iPortman’s accurate billing mechanism enables revenue control for all marine operations without any revenue leakage.

Many of our customers who handle a good number of vessels monthly are benefited from Envision’s iPortman’s Automated berth planning solutions. Write to usat sales@envisionesl.com for more information on iPortman Automated berth planning solutions!

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