June 25, 2021

Factual EAM to preserve Port & Terminal operations efficiently

Ports play a vital role in the economic development of the state, the Port Authorities plan to optimize the overall operation for quick turnaround of the vessels and the logistics movement from and to hinterland. Critical assets like quay cranes, RTG, RMG, and other equipment play critical role in operations. For the port to accomplish optimal operations, needs a best of industry solution to manage the assets, schedule the maintenance planning and for efficient Operations.

The best of the breed solutions offers ease of use, extensive functionality to address the specific needs of ports, terminals possess a well-defined workflow for the asset’s maintenance activity and the schedules.

Our approach is the standardize the asset configuration template, maintenance procedures. Simplify the approval and permit systems. Seamlessly integrate with Fuel management, Equipment condition monitoring.

Integration with TOS systems will help the planning team to have equipment availability visibility.

Ability to analyze and predict the condition of the asset and escalate the stake holder for quick action to be taken. Material Planning and procurement may be integrated to the entire sequence of the operations for ease of business. Any delay in maintenance can lead to downtime from revenue generating asset like cranes, fleet and utilities, that can reduce the profitability and port reputation.

Envision deployed Maximo – Enterprise Asset Management Solution, the industry best dependable solution installed in leading ports and terminals worldwide.   Envision comes with extensive EAM implementation experience for more than 30 Ports and Terminals globally.

Envision is known for its expertise solutions Ports, Terminal, and Marine logistics. Few globally reputed Terminal operators signed strategic partnership with Envision to implement EAM for all their terminals.

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