April 17, 2021

Streamline your Ro-Ro Terminal Operations with iPortman Ro-Ro Solution

iPortman RORO TOS a comprehensive solution for Ro-Ro operation of wheeled cargo, such as trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, railroad cars.  Vehicle terminals vary in complexity and can be tailored to individual customer needs. iPortman solution provides an optimized way handle all the possible operations with wide range of vehicles. Discharge planning, driver assignment, yard allocation, key management, yard inventory, driver roster brings visibility to operations. Once loading is completed for all the vehicles, system automatically creates final loaded list. It shows the complete vehicle list of the exporter and its position.

iPortman solution tracks total import or export movement of the wheeled cargo and the status of wheeled cargo in the covered and open yards and the current movement of wheeled cargo rolled out from the vessel for import, and rolled in into the vessel for export through a dashboard etc.

Module Integrates with EDI systems for data exchange and it handles all information like chassis no, make, model, pattern, color. With In built gate management system to control vehicle movements, scanning and documentation.

  • Alerts and Notifications on live operations.
  • Integrated with EDI systems for data exchange.
  • All the movements done are recorded for future audit.
  • Yard inventory position, request for deliveries and delivery schedule.

iPortman system records damages with detailed information of damage type, criticality, damaged reason, invoicing criteria etc. It provides necessary checks to undergo for the damage type. Other services for importers like in addition to vehicle handling and storage, services are provided for pre-delivery inspection (PDI), vehicle de-waxing, washing, cleaning, repair, wrap-guard fitment or removal, and accessory mounting.

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