May 3, 2021

Envision Depot Management, CFS & Empty Yard Operations

Container Freight Station (CFS) is a facility where less-than-container load shipments are consolidated for shipment or unloaded for final delivery. CFS plays an important role in the hinterland logistics and can be located at the waterfront marine facility or at inland dry location. iPortman has the functionality required to run a Container Freight Station (CFS) or general cargo warehouse operation. The functionality supports planning, execution and management of all operations associated with container freight stations, including the receipt, dispatch, and management of containers (full and empty) in the CFS yard, the receipt and dispatch of cargo, stuffing and stripping of containers and the storage and inventory control of cargo in the facility.

  • Request that Empty containers be moved to the stuffing location.
  • Request that a stuffed container be moved from an off-site stuffing facility to the marine port.
  • Request that a stuffed container be delivered to an independent location, such as a customer’s premises or another port.
  • Tally, provision of cargo details, warehousing
  • Equipment occupancy
  • Consolidating of B/Ls, container/seal numbers, …
  • Documentation, interface to billing subsystem

iPortman supports Gate, Rail, Yard and Ship as well as automatic planning and Bill of Lading (BOL) as well as container stripping and stuffing and other general cargo capabilities. Cargo can be defined by the customers and worked against bills of lading etc. Similarly, the cargo can be stuffed and unstuffed from containers and released or received using the gate module. All information is audited, and history is stored for as long as is required. The entire CFS operations is integrated with iPortman’s core invoicing functionality that is based on real time activities, charges are accrued as and when transactions occur in the system.  The invoicing has the capability of ensuring that no activity escapes a charge should the system be set up in this manner.

iPortman’s rich suite of mobile applications allow recording of transactions in real-time. Various events such as gate receipt and release, opening and closing of seals, start and complete of stuffing/destuffing operations, rostering of labor, value added activities, inspection, and damage recording, can be captured using the mobile applications.

iPortman supports a large set of EDI messages natively within the system.  iPortman integrates with 3rd party financial systems such as SAP, Oracle, Quickbooks, etc. and has a number of standardized interfaces for transferring data in a timely manner to the financial system.

iPortman can be configured for managing multiple CFS facilities within the one database from a centralized location. All modules can be made available either within the same terminal, or as a separately operated terminal. There is no additional work required to operate multiple terminals from within iPortman other than terminal specific configurations.

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