May 4, 2015

MRO – MAXIMO – IOT Analytics, 50 years Journey towards Golden Jubilee

Maximo, a Solution built by Chip Drapeau and team in 1968, formally known as PSDI later as MRO Software, evolved in the past 5 decades from Maintenance Tracking System to Asset Management. After acquisition by IBM in 2006 it evolved with a better functionality and technology enhancement. Maximo is one of the few applications celebrating its Golden Jubilee i,e 50 Years,  in next three years. Loyalty and user-friendliness built a cult  among the users, consultants, Partners and System Integrators.

Over the years, it is an amazing transformation to Maximo functionality. It has been a darling to maintenance practitioners across various industries beyond the initial verticals and to many other industries. Maximo evolved under the stewardship of IBM, enriched under EAM vertical in initial days and then later moved to Tivoli  to Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure and now under IOT and Analytics .It is indeed a noteworthy journey.

With Maximo under IOT and Analytics it is moving from Systems of Records to Systems of Intelligence. To review how the future looks like or what it means to Practitioners, Partners, System Integrators and End User.

  • It is time to wire and Integrate Assets data, performance, alarms, events.
  • Time to move from Reactive, Proactive Maintenance to Condition based Maintenance.
  • Time to integrate performance data, failure data and condition data to apply for Reliability Maintenance.
  • It is time for customers to start exploring their automation systems and integrating with their asset management system for harnessing the asset performance data for better ROI and reliability.
  • Maximo Consultants: it is time to understand the automation systems and figure out how to help customers to make their systems smarter and Intelligent.
  • Partners and System Integrator s: Time to build integration and analytics capability to align their capability along with IBM to transform the asset management landscape.
  • Time to build strong analytics, data models for predictive analytics.

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee in year 2018, hope that IBM will bring in all Maximo veterans together   to celebrate one of the rarest mile stones.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of the Envision.  Feel free to write to author if there are any conflicts or errors.

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