August 19, 2022

Envision General Cargo TOS solution helps in automating the process

Due to the trade liberalization and global economic growth the rise in the number of cargo shipping is being observed around the world. Various type of storage, loading, unloading and securing needed for different types of ships for transportation of general cargo. An inclination has been witnessed in commodity consumption which results economic growth and development. Usually in shipping industry or in maritime perspective, general cargos are referred to goods that are stowed in individual counted compartments. Bulk, break bulk, liquid bulk are the illustrations of general cargo.

Just like container terminal operating system,General cargo TOS also perform:

·        Loading and Discharging,

·        Gate operations and truck management,

·        Terminal inventory management,

·        Allgear productivity,

·        Utilization of yards

Why is General Cargo (GC) TOS being important?

As international trade and numbers of large vessels have increased, the need for super-sized and high-performance terminals requirements are rising. Overall productivity and efficiency of terminals is becoming more important in the global competition between the terminals, and the increase of throughput and demands for efficiency is requesting terminals to become more optimized.

General Cargo Terminal Operating System (TOS) has applied the latest IT technology for the Marine needs; it guarantees high system reliability with transaction load balancing at peak time. Moreover, GCTOS offers a high system flexibility & scalability which enables customers to save the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). For that matter, there is always natural eager to choose proper TOS for terminal itself for better performance.

In the worldwide scenario, about 90%by volume and 70% by value of cargo are transported through maritime. Unlike CTOS, GC TOS does not have specific electronic data interchange system and the cargo manifest may be very large. Cargo identification is done as per the color and nature of the cargo. Thus, it makes the stevedores operation much difficult. Sometimes cargo may need to be consolidated, de-consolidated,repacked, isolated, First in – First Out, Last in – First Out. The GCTOS helps streamline operations of general goods by tracking cargo via a terminal, optimizing railnetwork planning and asset use, analyzing and automating the operating gears, enriching vessel safety and cargo capacity.

·        Topnotch inventory management

·        Exceptional equipment deployment as well as augmented planning cuts demurrage charges.

·        Capturing all billable activities.

·        Increases throughput and storage volumes for improved efficiency and profitability.

·        Dwell time as well as turn around time of the vessel will be reduced.

The General Cargo Terminal may carry out more than one type/nature of cargo which require more planning and functional implementation skeletons. Unlike containerized cargo, the chance to exposure tonature is higher so the warehouse management along with the operation is also important.


How Envision General Cargo TOS solution helps in automating the process:

Marine terminal operators are under intense pressures to amplify their existing capabilities, increase focuson sustainability and compliance to safety norms besides optimizing resources and improving productivity and efficiency. They need to offer their customers streamlined, integrated, comprehensive and end-to-end logistic services and solutions. The need is for a digital platform to monitor, control and optimize resources.

Envision iPortman is a next-generation terminal operation system (TOS) designed as a one-stop solution to infuse intelligence into all marine terminal processes—from order to invoice (O2I)—to make them more efficient and effective, enabling terminal automation. It supports multi-modal (vessel, rail, truck, and barge) and multi-purpose(container, break-bulk, liquid bulk, dry bulk and ro-ro) requirements of a terminal. The solution enables the smart port vision by automating and optimizing, planning, and scheduling activities of marine, ship, yard, storage,equipment, and gate besides simplifying complex business processes related to documentation, operation monitoring and control and invoicing.

Terminal Operating System providers have a significant role to play in establishing what can be attained corresponding to the precise requirement of the customer. The business environment of the client decides what are the customizations need to deliver. And here is why Envision comes to the picture. The features of the iPortman GCTOS system comprises of –

1. Vessel Management

2. Berth Management

3. Service Management

4. Cargo documentation and Operations of both Export and Import function

5. Yard and Warehouse Operation

6. Gate Operations

7. Tariff and Invoicing

8. Integrations

9. Reports and Dashboards

10. Mobility Solutions

11. System Administration and User Management.

The distinctive feature of the system comprises of pre arrival service as well as post arrival service, Live berth status,Vessel berthing/Unberthing recording, Rail/Road/Barge/Conveyor delivery process, Proper stowage plan for loading sequence, Distinguished tariff module for road/rail/vessel/stockyard. iPortman’s integration function covers positioning detection system and the system can be altered to integrate according to the client’s perspective. When comes to the mobility, all information viewed by the user are encrypted and it can work both in online and offline mode. The User management system allows the user to monitor audit logs and change logs.

To sum up with, Envision’s iPortman GCTOS promises the customer the optimum level of productivity with utmost customer satisfaction.

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