August 25, 2022

Envision Crew Management System

The fast-moving transportation in intracity requires high speed metro rails to support the citizens to commute between residential, workspaces and commercial zones. Metro rails are the backbone for industrialised towns and metropolitan cities that need to operate with precision and timings.

To manage the large infrastructure across the cities, efficient workforce to operate, manage and maintain the metro rail network is required. Competent Crew is inducted, trained to operate, and maintain the services effectively.

Digitalization has benefited the industry where in the large workforce is scheduled to operate the metro rails and the associated infrastructure like lines, Stations, Depots with least disruption. Being a social commitment adequate safety is imparted to the crew like train operators and associated teams for daily activities.

The Key Factor of Rostering plays a significant role in scheduling and assigning the duties to the crew and monitor with regulatory compliance and controlling the deviations.

With increased dynamics in metro operations management, in scaling to a greater number of lines, adding new water metro lines, expanding to new modes of transportation like buses, boats and ferries and others, thus a crew management system is requisite for every Metro.

"Efficient crew management with rostering system result in   enhanced customer delight with substantial saving   inoperations and ensures high ROI to respective metros".

Business Benefits of Envision Crew Management System with Rostering

●  Complete control of crew life cycle management across          various levels and workflows, Notifications.

●  High return of investment from centralized automated crew      management system withc ompliance to safety and      operating guidelines.

●  Efficient planning and continuous optimization with      algorithmic rosters like weekly, monthly, daily rosters      opening all modesof travel across entire crew and vehicles.

●  Extensive reporting and expenditure saved forvarious      services.

●  Efficient information management across devices, kiosks, digital display boards, web and mobile.

Key modules of Envision Crew Management System & Rostering

 Duty Management

 Crew Control

 Train Operator Console (Trip entry andDeviations)

 Line Supervisor Console

 Document Management

 Asset Management


 Unusual occurrences

 Manual & Automated Rostering

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