JSW Ports - Journey from Greenfields to Automation

July 30, 2022

JSW Jaigarh port is the first deep water greenfield all-weather port developed by JSW Infrastructure. Inaugurated in year 2009, Operating 7 berths with a cargo handling capacity of 55 MMT Per Annum. Port developed and operated by JSW Infrastructure, Its ports and terminals currently have an operational capacity of 154 MPTA. With a growth pace, in the next two years, this is going to double to reach 200 MTPA through Greenfield and Brownfield expansions. After evaluation of several solutions JSW choose Envision’s iPortman for Automating the operations.

        The Business Challenges

  • Being a green field project with manual operations most of the operations are manual
  • Managing the billing process, for such a leading Ports is usually a huge and complex task, in addition, the process includes various variety of tariffs.
  • Streamlining and automating the vessel and yard operations both mechanized and non-mechanized operations is a major task.
  • Maintaining Regulatory compliances and Meeting Customs, taxes and other compliances are very crucial and critical.  
  • Effective track of real-time Key Performance Indicators to reduce maintenance costs and higher the throughputs.  
  • Meeting the requirements of JSW enterprise architecture and deployment on corporate data center.

How Envision’s iPortman Integrated Port Management solution, improved operational efficiency and supported JSW to improve the visibility, control.

Envision’s iPortman implemented with seam less integration with SAP ERP deployed at corporate data center. Following are the modules of iPortman implemented. Covering Bulk, Break bulk, Liquid cargo

Marine management        

• Vessel nomination

• Berth Operations             

Pilot operations.

• Vessel Operations.           

• Yard Operations  

• Dispatch and receipt of cargo (Road/ Rail/ Water)  

• Tariff management         

• Invoice and billing

• Alerts and notifications  

• Reports and Dashboards  

• iPortman Integration with SAP  

• iPortman Integration with Weigh Bridges  

• iPortman Integration with MIS  

Implementation Benefits

This automation helped JSW to derive various benefits to improve the performance and profitability of Port Operations. Some of them are:

1. Efficient planning of jobs with seamless integration between     all operations.

2. Implement Best practices with robust control systems.

3. Customer specific contracts, rates, discounts. Capture all     events, volumes and time for accurate billing.

4. Revenue management with advance calculation, advance     receipt, invoice process, payment receipt, and reconciliation     of customer billing account.

5. Reduce revenue leakage with tightly integrated operation     control

6. Streamline operations across import and export operations     at Marine, Berth, Yard, and gate

7. Better utilization of resources like Equipment, yard, labor, with real time data visibility

8. Reducing maintenance costs for internal and external resources, improve the service levels

Envision’s iPortman been most preferred solution for JSW, implemented for 5 more ports/Terminals subsequently. Envision provided several enhancements since 2011. All sites are under support.

(This case study is summary of our engagement, not formally approved by customer. Please write to marketing@envisionesl.com for objections/feedback/queries.)