The Port of Fujairah - Experiencing higher yield with minimal Revenue Leakages

September 5, 2022

The Port of Fujairah, UAE offers state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the key maritime business, such as oil storage and trading, aggregate bulking and export, ship supplies, and services to the marine fraternity. Under the concession agreement, the existing infrastructure has been enhanced by the AbuDhabi Ports operating arm. Fujairah Terminals provides world-class facilitiesand equipment to service the Containers, General Cargo, RoRo, Livestock, and Cruise Ships.

Fujairah has acquired an international reputation as a ‘one-stop-shop’and has become one of the biggest maritime service hubs in the world.

The Business Challenges

● Port of Fujairah was using an In houseIn-house software solution developed over a period of 20 years. These discrete solutions developed in differentolder technologies was were hampering the Business, and was were unable to handle the customer grievances operations. These complex solutions resulted in stake holders unable to handle the customers and generate the MIS reports for reconciliation, challenges impactingimpact the port’s performance and customer satisicafction.

● Unable to support, maintain and enhance the application built on older technology.

● Having upgraded to the Oracle E-Business suite, older applications do not address integration requirements

● Unable to catch up with the growing needs of business functionality. Users had to access multiple systems to obtain the master data to compile and complete the transactions

● Reliability and stability of the system became a huge challenge, which is affecting the operational turnaround.

● Being discrete systems there were a few missing components like workflow, integrations to work flow systems, and a vast amount of data input. Thisresulted in time-consuming and error-prone data integrity

● The existing systems were facing hurdles in incorporating technology enhancement sand support-related challenges


Envision had extensive study of the customer landscape, interaction with users to access the potential risks and the gaps in thebusiness process. Envision based on the findings has proposed iPortman –Integrated Port and Terminal Solutions, as a one stop solution to simplify the business process create a workflow hierarchy and approval system, robust reporting tool and facilitate an integration layer to transact with external systems.

● iPortman enterprise integrated port management system configured for major modules like Marine, Berth Operations, Commercials, Gate operations and Finance

● Upgrading the existing solution to new technology framework using robust architecture

● Migration of the Master Data and archive the historical data

● Multiple types of Bulk Cargo configured

● Automate Job sequence and billing operations were brought in place. iPortman Integration with Weigh Bridges

● Masterdata like customer master, tax master, services, GL account, cost/revenuecenters, employee master, asset master, Transactions like down payment, Account receivables, incoming payments, and ledger reconciliation

● Integrated the solution to POF (Port of Fujairah) existing ERP -Oracle EBS suite

Business Benefits

Port of Fujairah realized the following benefits after deploying iPortman

● The processes have considerably reduced the number of data inputs thus reducing the errors and refining the data. Stabilized the business process and enhanced user experience

● Multi track deployment facilitated management started experiencing qualitative and quantitative improvements

● The digitalization process reaped quick turnaround of document approvals and customer satisfaction

● The Port of Fujairah with a one-stop solution achieved higher yields in revenue thus preventing leakages

● Trained internal champions to manage the applications, and ensure availability of software to trade and business

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