Hyderabad Metro - Utmost maintenance with least turnaround time

August 22, 2022

The Hyderabad Metro is a rapid transit system, serving the city of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It is the second longest operational metro network in India after the Delhi Metro (285 stations) with 57 stations and the lines are arranged in a secant model. It is funded by a public–private partnership (PPP), with the state government holding a minority equity stake. A special purpose vehicle company, L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad Ltd (L&T MRHL), was established by the construction company L&T to develop the Hyderabad metro rail project. Hyderabad Metro is the world's largest elevated MetroRail system based on DBFOT basis (Design, Built, Finance, Operate and Transfer).

Implementation is initiated from year 2013 along with commissioning stage, became operational presently under maintenance support.

TheBusiness Challenges

● As the largest Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the world, in the Metro rail sector, with a total network of seventy-two kilometers spread across Hyderabad,increasing asset reliability and availability, Managing Rolling Stocks, Fixed and Linear Assets (like Over Headline, Track, Power Supply Systems, Signaling & Train Control, Telecom, and Infrastructure, Electrification etc.) was agreat challenge.

● Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) will operate on three distinct lines – Blue, Green, and Red comfortably connected with existing Indian railways terminals, MMTS and bus stations along the corridors, For Maintenance and Management of customers services: Communication, Automatic Fare Collection, Station MEP equipment (like lifts, escalators etc.) was a huge complex task.

● The entire project is planned as Eco friendly, fully automated, and best-in-class transportation framework that will contribute to reduction in carbon footprints and overall pollution using Regenerative Braking Technology (RBT) and running on Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) technology. To keep track and Manage Equipment used for maintenance (specific and heavy tools and equipment,metrological devices etc.) will be major issue.

● The entire Metro Rail operations are designed as Comfortable air-conditioned coaches that will reduce commuting time across the city. For an uninterrupted commute prior predict demand and optimize capacity and assets, improve operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact, optimizing inventory levels & reducing costs is a crucial task.

● Capturing accurate data for such a giant project, to drive condition-based PM programs is not an easy assignment.

● Bringing entire operations under one system for a huge project and deploying a single asset management solution across the enterprise to manage all assets in single instant is complicated activity.

● Track every asset in Hyderabad Metro’s network over its entire life span, including servicing guidelines and service history, Integration of asset management with key enterprise functions to enable improved decision-making and process optimization.

● Owned by LTHMRL, Maintenance and Operations are done by Keolis. This requires a fully automated EAM solutions for brining visibility of activities and operations for all stake holders for better co-ordination and collaboration.

How Envision EAM - IBM Maximo, enhanced operational efficiency and reinforced Hyderabad Metro Rail to improve visibility, and control.

● Envision has identified all the major key challenges and proposed for implementing IBM Tivoli MAXIMO EAM 7.5 Suite.

● The Major modules configured are IBM Maximo asset configuration manager, Asset Management, Work Management Module, Job Planning Module, Preventive Maintenance Module, Labor Management Module, Equipment Management, Materials Management, Procurement Module, Contracts, Workflow, KPI’S and Reports.

● Envision did integration with all metro rail subsystems, for condition based maintenance, quicker corrective maintenance with least turn around time.

Following subsytems are integrated with IBM Maximo:

•  Integrated with HMRTS System

•  Interface with Rollingstock 

•  Interface withS&TC                           

•  Interface with PSS and OETS

•  Interface with SCADA

•  Interface with Communication     system including access control system

•  Interface with BMS                    

•  Interface with Depot &Station Equipment

•  Interface with AFC

•  Interface with SAP ECC

● Interface with other Applications i.e. Crew Rostering software, Document Management System and Training Management System         

● Supplied hardware and relevant supporting software services for a minimum period of 5 years post the acceptance of the solution.

Implementation Benefits

This automation helped Hyderabad Metro Rail to derive various benefits from commissioning, operations and maintenance of Metro Rail operations. Some of them are:

● Capture the asset data accurately for all Metro subsystems and utilities during the phase of project commissioning, brining all assets under a single platform.

● Helped LTHMRL and Keolis to implement best practices for maintenance and operations of metro network.  

● Automate business processes across the enterprise; improve efficiencies with interface of external systems with Maximo EAM, Increased labor utilization and asset reliability

● Ability to manage OEM spares, warranty spares and procured spares as per the requirement.

● Able to track all warranties and defect liability period commitments, saved huge cost to metro rail.

● Efficient planning of jobs with seamless integration between all operations. With Graphical Workflow, maintenance team could be able to perform jobs with optimum labor. This also helped to reduce the turnaround time of each maintenance job.  

● Real time access to up-to-date asset information, service requests and preventive maintenance schedules enabled efficient job scheduling to minimize operational inturruptions.

● Able to manage the configuration of complex assets and meet regulatory requirements.

● Extended life of fixed asset investments

● Improved process efficiency by virtue of asset management and ERP process integration

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