Metro Rail & Rail

Metro Rail & Rail

Maintenance & Operations of Metro Rail and Rail operations always been a challenge for automation. Envision with implementation experience of solutions for several Metro Rail operators, Rolling Stock vendors and MOR Operators, brings industry best practices to help their customers

Our Offerings

  • Asset Management.
  • Rolling Stock MRO
  • Depot Automation
  • Linear Assets configuration.
  • Signaling & Telecom Maintenance.
  • Track and Via Ducts O&M
  • Station Maintenance and Operations.
  • Power transmission and distribution.
  • Planning, Scheduling & Work Management
  • Field Work Management
  • Inspection and Safety.
  • Warranty and Recovery.
  • FRACAS for rolling stock.
  • Predictive Analytics

Value Propositions

  • Implementation experience for more than 6 metro operators.
  • Maximo Asset Configuration Management
  • PASS 55 coding capability.
  • Capability to configure extensive liner assets.
  • Pre-Configured business processes and data templates.
  • Technology domain experts
  • End to end solution with best practices.
  • Rapid implementation.
  • Extensive integration capability with SCADA, BIMS, RTU, Data Loggers


Envision migrated our Maximo from 5.1 to 7.6. Application Implemented is meeting all our requirements and is functioning to our satisfaction, under the support provided by Envision.

Mr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed
PSCM Manager, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

Envision upgraded our Maximo from 4.1 to 7.6, we are very happy about the services provided them. Solution is configured to our requirements, meeting our needs.

Mr. Madhusudhan Sarangi
IT Manager, Port of Fujairah

The framework isn’t totally natural, yet with a touch of preparing addresses our issues sufficiently

Mr. Rahul G
Resell Manager, SIPCO

A little too quick to declare a version end-of-life, better support and more discipline than the previous vendor.

Mr. PVS Prasad
Delivery Project Manager- Maximo, APGENCO