Gangavaram Port System Upgradation - Manual to Digitalization

August 19, 2022

Gangavaram Port has been developed as an all-weather, multipurpose port with water depth up to 21 meters, making it the deepest and capable of handling fully laden Super Cape size vessels of up to200,000 DWT Inaugurated in July 2009, It is managed by Gangavaram Port Ltd. The port is fully operational with 6 berths with a Draft of 21 Meters and Handles Multiple cargo dry bulk, General, and break-bulk Port ishaving a cargo handling capacity of more than 20 million tons per annum.  Port, with its deep draft berths and efficient operations, has become the gateway port for a hinter land spread over 8 states across Eastern, Western, Southern and Central India. Tracking, Assessing Portperformance and Managing Reports for such a massive port is very crucial for better results.


Year of Solution implementation 2012

The Business Challenges

▪ Gangavaram Port has the unique distinction of being one of the   fewGreenfield port projects, to streamlining the entire business   operations with aquick turnaround time will be a major task.

▪ As this is a Greenfield port, all the operations and processes were   donemanually. Automating all the processes and operations from   manual tocomputerized operation is the objective.

▪ Discharging cargo and delivering cargo by rail, road and   conveyingsystem to customer, hence handling all cargo inventory and   delivery managementis major challenge.

▪ Handling huge volume of Cargo, tracking the cargo movement   acrossthe yards or open and covered warehouse is a tedious and time   consuming task.

▪ The Port, its related facilities, and material handling system are      amongthe most advanced in Asia and meet the highest standards in   terms of pollutionprevention and safety. henceComplacence to   regulatory is vital.

▪ Approvals andvalidation on manual system became a concern area,   not having tha visibilityacross the system. Automating through a   computerized systems is a must

Following is the highe level summary of Envisionfor Gangavaram Port Supply and implementation of iPortman –AnIntegrated Port Management Solution

· The Major modules configured are:

-Marine, Berth Operations, Commercials, Yard Operations, Logistics fordispatch and   receipt(road/rail/conveyer/water),subcontracting, costing, Tariff management, Alerts and notifications, Reports,and Dashboards

· Cargo types configured

-Bulk and Break Bulk

· iPortman Integration with Financial System

-  Masters like customer master, tax master,services, GL account, cost/revenue centers, employee master, asset master

- Transactionslike down payment, Account receivables, incoming payments

· iPortman Integration with Weigh Bridges

· iPortman Integration with MIS

· Report Development In BIRT Tool

· iPortman integration with Mail server and SMS gateway

Implementation Benefits

Thisautomation helped Gangavaram port to derive various benefits to improve theperformance and profitability of Port Operations. Some of them are:

▪ EntireMarine management, Vessel operations were streamlined, and   retrieved thebusiness operations.

▪ Revenueleakages were fixed effectively by tracking the Vessel wise   and Agent wisereconciliation

▪ Entirebusiness operation was brought to a single system for all the   operations, whichminimizes the effort and makes things easy.

▪ iPortmanenabled the billing solution, which handles the port complete   business serversto submit in-time invoices

▪ PortManagement has experienced, Significant turnaround in   operational efficiencyafter automation in place.

▪ Timelyreports and Daily Performance Reports made management life   easy for trackingand assessments.

Envision Provided visibility of operations to all internal and external stake holder improvedperformance, stake holder satisfaction.

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