Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

Sensor/Plant Data is at the core of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).  We provide end to end solutions for IIOT from sensor integration till big data platforms for advanced analytics.

We are one of the few solution providers who can provide end to end IIOT solutions from

Sensor Integration: We have extensive integration capability with sensors SCADA/DCS Integration with Embedded solutions, RTU, Data Loggers. Our RTUs and IOT gateways are certified and proven.

Data Transmission: All our devices support several data communication options on  LORA, RF data, TCPIP,  Zig bee, Wi-Fi, GPRS Data with direct communication, peer to peer, and data concentrators.

IIOT Platform: Our IIOT platform RUBUS, is scalable, deployable on cloud and on-premises, built on cutting edge big data technology stack.

Data Sciences: Our solution with internal algorithms for Predicative and prescriptive analytics provide actionable insights.

Proven Use Cases: Envision deploying IIOT solutions past 3 years, we deployed solutions for Manufacturing integration, Equipment condition monitoring, Energy management, utility management, Plant automation integration, alarms and events monitoring, Field data acquisition, Meter Data management in Power, Water and Gas Distribution.

Our IIOT Center of Excellence

Our IIOT solutions are well positioned to leverage digital capabilities to transform our client’s value chains. As part of this strategic service, the IIOT Center of Excellence will serve as a critical differentiator with the objectives of:

  • Aggregating skills, resources, processes, tools, and assets that demonstrate our leadership in the marketplace
  • Accelerating growth for the strategic service by addressing the challenges of manufacturing, quality and maintenance.
  • Driving innovation and leveraging scale to centrally support global projects across world

Our IIOT Solutions Industry Presence: Past few years we deployed solutions in several industries. We have at least one referable use case in following industry verticals:

  • Sea Ports and Terminals.
  • Metro Rail & Rail.
  • Power Generation ( Thermal, Gas, Hydro, Wind and Solar)
  • Utilities ( Electricity, Water and Gas)
  • Facilities – Buildings, Airports, Malls and Large facilities.
  • Manufacturing ( Food & Beverage, Cement, Steel, Chemical, Engineering)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Telecom

Our IIOT offerings

  • Digital Manufacturing.
  • Digital operations
  • Production Management.
  • Energy and Utilities Management.
  • Quality and Inspection.
  • Alarms and Events Management.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Equipment Performance Management.
  • M2E – Machines to Enterprise Systems Integrations.
  • Digital Manufacturing HUB.

How we engage?

Seeing is believing, we work closely with our customers, we analyze the requirements, validate the constraints, and define the expected outcomes. We take POC (Proof of concept) approach for all unique requirements. Most of the times we fund the POC to ensure that our customer can validate the expected outcomes before taking the business decisions.

We assure that we deliver the value, meet the customer goals.


Envision migrated our Maximo from 5.1 to 7.6. Application Implemented is meeting all our requirements and is functioning to our satisfaction, under the support provided by Envision.

Mr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed
PSCM Manager, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

Envision upgraded our Maximo from 4.1 to 7.6, we are very happy about the services provided them. Solution is configured to our requirements, meeting our needs.

Mr. Madhusudhan Sarangi
IT Manager, Port of Fujairah

The framework isn’t totally natural, yet with a touch of preparing addresses our issues sufficiently

Mr. Rahul G
Resell Manager, SIPCO

A little too quick to declare a version end-of-life, better support and more discipline than the previous vendor.

Mr. PVS Prasad
Delivery Project Manager- Maximo, APGENCO