MaxArc – IBM Maximo Archiving solution

Run your Maximo environment better, faster and reduce your cost of operations. MaxArc Maximo data archiving solution gives the power of archiving yet access to historical data for reports and analytics. Our unique solution architecture will give you enormous flexibility in archiving the data as per your needs.

Overview of MaxArc

Maximo Data Archiving is the process of moving data that is no longer actively used to a separate data storage device for long-term retention. Data archives consist of older data that is still important and necessary for future reference, as well as data that must be retained for regulatory compliance.

These business objects are typically high-growth objects that collect quantities of data over time. Much of that data is historical data and is not needed for day-to-day business operations. It is important to devise a business strategy before archiving the data.

Data archives are often confused with data backups, which are copies of data. Data backups are used to restore data in case it is corrupted or destroyed. In contrast, data archives protect older information that is not needed for everyday operations but may occasionally need to be accessed.


Moving archived data to secondary storage devices is generally used for long-term data retention. This option is preferred for data that is rarely retrieved, and secondary storage devices are usually used to satisfy legal requirements.

  • Archive, manage and retain application data in context with related metadata.
  • Respond to audit and discovery requests with easy access to archive data.
  • Maximizes Maximo performance by removing historical data.
  • Improve system and database performance by archiving old data.
  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements for record retention.
  • Retain archived data for future reporting needs.
  • Transactional Objects Work Order, Service Request, Purchase Order, Purchase Requisition, Request for Quotation, Contracts and Invoice (Related objects can be archived) data can be archived/retrieved.
  • Master Objects (Related to Maser data) can be archived By User section objects snap will be maintained in the Archive database. Ex: Asset, Location, Meter, Item, Inventory, Failure Codes, Person Etc.
  • Connect Maximo Analytical Reports to connect Archival DB for Analysis (on Requirement basis for selected reports).
  • Historical Analysis of the Archival and Retrieval Process.
  • Select the desired Maximo data and date ranges or any valid SQL clause to be archived.
  • Associated Maximo records are dynamically identified for inclusion.  Custom data objects you may have added to Maximo can also be included.
  • Record keys are checked to ensure a complete backup.
  • Control Archival Access/ privileges based on Maximo security group configuration.
  • Archive Inactive Data and Audit Trails on requirement basis.
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Workflow process for approving the archival procedure.
  • Configurable UI to select objects to be archived.
  • Retains Database Schema intact in Maximo defined structure.
  • Maintains archival history
  • Retrieval feature for archived data
  • Purging feature for Inactive Sites or Organizations.
  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements for record retention.
  • Configure Maximo to run Reports on both the databases with minimal configuration.
  • Smart search functionality with an ability to search for records from live and archive data simultaneously together.

 Key Benefits:

  • Improve system and database performance by archiving old data.
  • Comply with corporate and regulatory requirements for record retention.
  • Retain archived data for future reporting needs.
  • The data in the Archive database can be referred using the Maximo application if desired, making it easy for users to look up archived data.
  • Can run reports from your production instance to view the archival data as well.


Envision migrated our Maximo from 5.1 to 7.6. Application Implemented is meeting all our requirements and is functioning to our satisfaction, under the support provided by Envision.

Mr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed
PSCM Manager, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

Envision upgraded our Maximo from 4.1 to 7.6, we are very happy about the services provided them. Solution is configured to our requirements, meeting our needs.

Mr. Madhusudhan Sarangi
IT Manager, Port of Fujairah

The framework isn’t totally natural, yet with a touch of preparing addresses our issues sufficiently

Mr. Rahul G
Resell Manager, SIPCO

A little too quick to declare a version end-of-life, better support and more discipline than the previous vendor.

Mr. PVS Prasad
Delivery Project Manager- Maximo, APGENCO