container terminal operations

Container Terminal Operations

iPortman Terminal Operating System (TOS) manages the container operations at berth, yard and gate. It includes all kind of containers meant for import, export and trans-shipment operations.

Salient features

  • iPortman TOS reads and exchanges all kinds of EDI messages. The messages may be related to the vessel, cargo, container, gate or billing – including IFMAN, BMISRM, HANMOV, COPRN, COPRAR, COARRI, CODECO, COPINO, COREOR, COSTOR and the like. We handle most of the 190 industry messages being exchanged between shipping lines, ports, customs and financial institutions. All these messages can be incorporated into the system as a result of the application’s EDI provision.
  • It provides an all-in-one solution for vessel operation, loading or unloading operations, yard operation, gate operations and billing operations.
  • It helps in effective planning – be it related to the vessel, yard, truck, rail or loading or unloading.
  • The system can be integrated with multiple container handling equipments like STS cranes, straddle cranes, conventional quay cranes, mobile harbor cranes, reach-stackers, TTU’s, shuttle carriers, AGV’s, RTG cranes, RMG cranes, OHB cranes and other industry preferred cranes.
  • The mobile application is deployable on rugged hand-held and PDAs, enabling faster and accurate data transfer. Its temporary storage facility helps work in an offline mode too.
  • iPortman-Container Repair and Maintenance enables to maintain multiple contractors and allows  to set up a particular contractor for a particular customer.

Vessel Planning

  • Vessel Profile View (Vessel’s Side View)
  • Restow Marking
  • Change of Container Status
  • Data Correction
  • Pre-stow Attribute Combination (PAC) / Pre-stow Group Formation
    • Container Size, Height, Type, IMDG Class, UN Number, Over Length Indicator, Over Width Indicator, Over Height Indicator,
    • Special Stowage Instructions
    • POD, FPD,Full / Empty Indicator
    • Active Reefer , Set Temperature, Units of measurement for Temperature
    • Category
    • Tran-shipment
    • Export
    • Restow
    • Weight Category
    • Shipping Line

Pre-stow Marking

  • Ability to process MOVINS message
  • upload pre-stow information into the system
  • graphical facility to mark pre-stows on vessel cell locations
  • display status of preshow planning
  • Summary for each PAC
    • Number of vessel cells marked with the PAC
    • Number of containers whose attributes match the PAC
    • Number of containers matching the PAC that are planned on the vessel

Container Yard Planning:

Yard Planning Module provides following functionality:

  • Profile Definition
  • Layout View
  • Configuration of Plan Parameters
  • Preparatory data input and review
  • Planning
  • Yard Location Generation
  • Long Term Boundaries/Special Reservation
  • Utility Functions
  • Views and Queries/ Reports


  • Maintains material price and man hour prices in slab rate format, which can be charged by way of quantity used or quantity range
  • Maintains storage rates with respect to the size of the containers. Different types and sizes of container will have different rates and free day. LOLO In, LOLO Out can also be maintained by the type and size of containers
  • Supports storage charge right from gate in date or complete repair date
  • Supports storage rate in slab rate format. The slab rate can be charged on a daily basis or periodically and allows user to define the storage billing schedule either on a daily, weekly, monthly or fortnightly basis
  • Maintains rates by types and sizes for all the services like repo haulage, normal /chemical washing, sweeping, PTI
  • Maintains M&R hour rate by types and sizes instead of a single standard rate
  • Records the condition of the containers and rejects them if they do not meet the storage criteria
  • Linked with pre-gate-in process to avoid double entry into the system
  • Captures necessary information about the container for gate-in movements
  • Able to deduct the stocks or parts utilized during M&R and sends request for new ones. Also a single work order can have multiple billing representatives. For example, a repair invoice can be billed to a user, a container owner and an insurance company
  • Only approved EOR and completed work order can proceed with invoicing
  • Enables to create normal booking (book by quantity) or special booking (book by container number)
  • Allows user to waive off the booking quantity in case of a shipping pre-alert on some wrong quantity being shipped out. Prior approval may be needed here.

 Container yard:

iPortman Yard Management takes care of the major yard management operations. The system has the ability to award the cargo and container transfers to multiple sub-contractors and to match the original task to the finished task.


  • The system configures the user interface to represent the yard layout for multiple yards. It then marks the reefer area in the yard layout separately. Basis that, the system will assign reefer container to reefer area and also capture reefer details like temperature and line status, for the period the container is in the yard
  • The system allows users to allocate or de-allocate yard blocks, perform yard planning, edit position of containers in the block, shift containers from one location to other, and track position of the containers any time.
  • All the equipment and resources used for transferring the stock and container from one location to another can be tracked.
  • Stock adjustments can be made from one yard to another yard within the port for import and export transactions


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We deployed Envision’s iPortman – Integrated port management solution, end to end port automation solution with integration to SAP ERP. The system is working satisfactory.

Captain. Jasbir Singh
Vice President, JSW Dharamtar Port Pvt Ltd

Envision upgraded our Maximo from 4.1 to 7.6, we are very happy about the services provided them. Solution is configured to our requirements, meeting our needs.

Mr. Madhusudhan Sarangi
IT Manager, Port of Fujairah

We are very happy with the solution provided for our Container Freight Station, fully integrated with gate with planning and mobile solution.

Mr. Venkateswara Rao
IT Manager, Visakha Container Terminal

Envision migrated our Maximo from 5.1 to 7.6. Application Implemented is meeting all our requirements and is functioning to our satisfaction, under the support provided by Envision.

Mr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed
PSCM Manager, Sharjah National Oil Corporation