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We enjoy solving customer problems, building innovative solutions.

Our Differentiators:


ForesightWe bring an exceptional understanding of the industry and trends to build solutions that are sustainable, scalable and address tomorrow’s challenges today.

InnovationWe innovate constantly with a mission to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, stay cost-effective and stay competitive.

FocusWe are intensely focused on systems integration, asset management, solutions for customers across different industries. We aim to be leaders in our chosen domains. Our products and solutions are among the best in the world across our areas of expertise.


ExperienceOur 12+ years of experience in serving large and medium organizations across the globe in enhancing their business excellence and marketplace impact.

Service ExcellenceWe believe in Customer First. Our solutions are geared to make our customers exceptionally successful. We achieve this through Quality, Cost, Industry Insight and deep Technical Expertise.

PeopleOur 220+ technology experts specialized in niche technologies, with their experience in working on the most challenging global assignments, ready to partner with our customers. They are driven by ENVISION’s commitment to making our clients successful.


Best PracticesGlobally recognized implementation methodologies like Agile, Rational Unified, ASAP, Sure Step and Water Fall. Focus on generating and leveraging best practices by working with customers across industry domains and geographies.

Quality Driven: Stringent quality processes with repeatable & auditable delivery model and built-in Risk Management processes. Stringent checks and validations; stringent internal quality audits.

Agile: Premium on responsiveness and turnaround time. Transparent, constant, and effective communication with all stakeholders.

Envision Focus on Innovation through Research and Development:

Envision believes only deep investments in Research and Development will help us to solve our customer problems to keep them Future ready.  We have dedicated R&D teams working on advanced technologies.  Our teams dedicatedly on solving existing problems with a Roadmap for next few years.


Envision migrated our Maximo from 5.1 to 7.6. Application Implemented is meeting all our requirements and is functioning to our satisfaction, under the support provided by Envision.

Mr. Syed Ziauddin Ahmed
PSCM Manager, Sharjah National Oil Corporation

Envision upgraded our Maximo from 4.1 to 7.6, we are very happy about the services provided them. Solution is configured to our requirements, meeting our needs.

Mr. Madhusudhan Sarangi
IT Manager, Port of Fujairah

The framework isn’t totally natural, yet with a touch of preparing addresses our issues sufficiently

Mr. Rahul G
Resell Manager, SIPCO

A little too quick to declare a version end-of-life, better support and more discipline than the previous vendor.

Mr. PVS Prasad
Delivery Project Manager- Maximo, APGENCO

Embedded Systems

Strong team to work in design and development of embedded systems from PCB level to integrated devices. Our Team worked on developing Interfaces for several port equipment’s like Quay Cranes, RGT, Reach Stacker, Trailer Trucks, Stacker, Re-claimers, Grabs, Pilot Boats, Tugs, Electrical substations, Fuel dispensing systems and Weigh Bridges. We developed Precision GPS solution can provide 1 meter accuracy in High Stacked Container systems. Our teams has a road map for years ahead to develop cutting edge solutions.

Computer Vision

Our Teams developed solutions like Automated Container Number Recognition Systems, Damage recognition system, quantity estimation of Bulk yards, and Inspection and validation systems across the ports and Terminals. Some of the solutions are deployed in customer, several pilots in progress.

RF Data Communication

Distributed geography, long distance and poor connectivity on the high sea, limitation of endpoints and bandwidth limitation, no alternative to WiFi. Envision RF Data communication determined to find the reliable solution for these problems, our teams working on Low and Medium range frequencies, advanced RF & Antenna Designs. Some of the solutions are solving our customer problems for reliable data communications on High seas up to 15 Nautical Miles distance and 4KM range for data communication on the ground. These connectivity solution helping our customers to have seamless connectivity for real-time communication and decision-making for optimization of resources, time and turnaround times resulting huge cost advantage and agile operations.

Internet of Things

We have been working on Internet of things past 4 years, helping our customers to harness the sensor data for critical decisions for optimization, performance improvements helping them to have an integrated infrastructure and connected systems. Our Big data platform supports our customers to analyze the historical data for decision-making. Our solutions are capable of capturing diverse data several sources and provide command and control center view for operations and key stakeholders.

Data Sciences

With volumes of data from several sources requires an approach to get insights of patterns, recurrences, behaviors, and outcomes. Our team working on several algorithms, data models, neural network based AI decision-making systems for improving ports and terminal performances. Our data scientists developed algorithms, for failure prediction, root cause analysis, anomaly detection, best outcome planning and several other data models. Dedicated team working on linear programming with advanced optimization tools for port performance optimizations.

Globally Present:

We engage and serve our customers across the world directly and through partners.

Directly Present:

USA: Princeton, New Jersey.
Canada: Toronto, Otawwa
UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi
India: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad

Global Delivery Center: Hyderabad, India

Partners in:
USA, United Kingdom, Italy, KSA, Qatar Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia